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YafaRay4tS is the result of several months of hard work by many members of the trueSpace scripting community. If you use YafaRay4tS please consider donating $5 or $10 to support this project.

Donations are used to maintain this website and support the continued development of YafaRay4tS.

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It's thanks to their hard work that the YafaRay render engine is what it is today. Join their forum and participate in the community there to help make YafaRay even better!


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YafaRay4tS Main UI Help

The main user interface is divided up into 6 panels:

Camera Settings Panel

YafaRay4tS Camera aspect

View - Use the primary 3D view for the render camera.

Camera - Use the currently set render camera for the render camera. Note that if the scene name changes the camera will have to be reset.

Select Camera button - Click this button with the camera you want to render from selected to set the render camera.

Aspect Ratio - Pixel aspect ratio.

Camera Type - Camera type for YafaRay to use.


Aperture - Aperature size.

DOF - Depth of Field.

Zoom - Focal length.

Type - Bokeh type.

Bias - Bokeh bias.

Rotation - Bokeh rotation.


Scale - Horizontal size of image plane.


Angle - Horizontal opening angle of the camera.

Max Angle - Maximum angle visible.

Circular - Blend out areas outside max_angle (circular iris).

Mirrored - Mirror x-direction (use for generating "light probe" images).

Area Render settings

Area Render - Enable area render. Used to render a portion of the camera view. This can be used to break a very large (large scale print resolution) render up into more managable pieces.

X Start - Left starting coordinate.

Y Start - Top starting coordinate.

Width - Width of view area to be rendered.

Height - Height of view area to be rendered.

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