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YafaRay4tS is the result of several months of hard work by many members of the trueSpace scripting community. If you use YafaRay4tS please consider donating $5 or $10 to support this project.

Donations are used to maintain this website and support the continued development of YafaRay4tS.

Also support the YafaRay Team:

It's thanks to their hard work that the YafaRay render engine is what it is today. Join their forum and participate in the community there to help make YafaRay even better!


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YafaRay4tS Main UI Help

The main user interface is divided up into 6 panels:

YafaRay Setup Panel

YafaRay4tS Setup aspect

YafaRay Install Path - Path to yafaray-xml.exe file.

File Dialog button - File browse dialog button.

Use Custom temporary directory - Directory for storing generated XML file and temporary YafaRay output image. Default working directory is the same as the output image directory. Use this option if you want to use a different directory from the final image output directory.

Use Custom XML export file - Use a custom filename and directory for the generated XML file. This is useful when generating multiple XML files for batch rendering or for rendering a previously generated XML file.

File Dialog button - File browse dialog for selecting custom XML file export location.

Export XML button - Generates YafaRay XML file from current scene.

Render XML button - Renders last generated XML file (default file location) or the custom XML export file if that option is checked.

Output Render File - File to use for final TGA image output.

File Dialog button - File browse dialog to select output file location.

Delete XML file after rendering - Delete the generated XML file on render completion.

View - Set primary view as active camera for YafaRay render.

Camera - Set selected Camera as active camera for YafaRay render. If camera is invalid it will use the primary 3D view instead.

Render button - Export XML file and spawn YafaRay render engine.

Leave console open after render - By default the console window will close after the render completes or after the external viewer closes if that option what specified. Selecting this option will leave the console open so that the user can scroll through the YafaRay render engine output messages.

Start console window minimized - With this option checked the console window will no longer pop-up when the render engine is spawned. This is very helpful when batching a sequence of renders.

Use Internal Viewer - Sets the script to display a preview window inside trueSpace when the render completes. Note: setting this option will force trueSpace to wait for the render to complete before returning control to the user, effectively dissabling the background render feature.

Use External Viewer - Spawns the external TGA Viewer that comes with YafaRay4tS when the render completes. This is the default Viewer option.

Use Custom Viewer - Spawns a user specified image viewer when the render completes. Full path is required.

File Dialog button - Opens File browse dialog to select the custom viewer application to be used.

Save Settings button - Saves current settings so that when the YafaRay4tS object is added to future scenes using the icon toolbar it will have the current settings.

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