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YafaRay4tS Help


YafaRay Installation

The YafaRay Render Engine is not included with YafaRay4tS and you will need to install it separately in order for YafaRay4tS to work properly. You can download the YafaRay Render Engine for Windows from the YafaRaywebsite.

Before getting started please note that the YafaRay installer asks for a Blender Installation Directory to install Blender specific python files. These are not necessary to use the YafaRay Render Engine with YafaRay4tS, if Blender is not installed you can get around this by creating a temporary directory to hold the Blender related files before running the installer. When asked by the installer for this Blender directory, either use the dialog's Browse button or enter the path to your temporary directory that you have created. It is safe to delete this folder after the installation has finished. This only applies to users that do not have Blender installed. It is also not necessary to download and install the Qt_Libs - qt_setup.exe nor Python 2.5 as these are also specific to Blender.

1.) Download the latest version of YafaRay for Windows from YafaRay.org.

YafaRay download image

2.) If you don't have Blender, before running the installer, create a temporary directory to hold the YafaRay Blender scripts. Example: C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender

3.) Run the Yafaray setup file.


YafaRay4tS Installation

1.) Run the YafaRay4tS setup.exe file.

2.) When prompted select the directory where trueSpace7.6 is installed. Default: C:\trueSpace7.6

3.) After the install completes, open trueSpace7.6.

4.) In Workspace, open the Library Browser.

Library Browser Image

5.) In the Library Browser find and open the "YafaRay4tS setup" library folder.

Select YafaRay4tS Setup library

6.) Load the "Install YafaRay4tS Toolbar" scene.

Toolbar installer scene

7.) On the newly created YafaRay4tS toolbar, right click the YafaRay Settings icon.

YafaRay toolbar settigns icon

YafaRay4tS setup UI panel

8.) In the Stack/Panel - YafaRay4tS panel, Set the YafaRay Install Path to where you have installed the YafaRay render engine.

9.) Set the Output - Render File to where you want YafaRay4tS to render out your image to.

10.) Select the "Save Settings" button to save your directories into the default YafaRay4tS object.

11.) Position the YafaRay4tS toolbar where you want it and Save your Workspace Layout.

Congratulations you've finished your YafaRay4tS setup!


YafaRay4tS Uninstall

1.) Open trueSpace7.6 and use the Library Browser to open the YafaRay4tS setup library.

YafaRay4tS Setup Library select

2.) Double click on the "Uninstall YafaRay toolbar" scene.

Unistall scene select

3.) Close the "YafaRay4tS setup" library. Also close the YafaRay Lights and YafaRay Materals libraries if they are open.

4.) Exit trueSpace7.6

5.) Open the "Add and Remove Programs" from the Windows Control Panel. Or if you are using Vista click on "Uninstall a Program" from the Windows Control Panel.

6.) Uninstall YafaRay4tS.

If you still have remaining YafaRay libraries listed in the library browser follow these additional steps to remove them:

1.) Open the Workspace - Library Browser.

2.) Right click on the library and select Delete Library.

If all else fails you can delete the library folder itself using Window Explorer.

Note: any files that you have saved in these folders will be deleted!

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