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YafaRay4tS Main UI Help

The main user interface is divided up into 6 panels:

Render Settings Panel

YafaRay4tS Default aspect

Width - The width of the image rendered.

Height - The height of the image rendered.

Gamma - The gamma value target for the rendered image.

AA passes - Maximum number of Anti-Aliasing pass interations.

z-channel - Include z-channel in output file.

Clamp RBG - Clamp RGB values to 1.0 during render.

AA inc sample - Number of samples to increase by with each AA iteration.

AA min sample - Number of samples to use on first AA itteration.

AA pixel width - Width of AA pixel filter.

AA threshold - Value which determines if additional iterations are need for a particular pixel.

AA Filter - AA filter algorithm to use when resampling.

CPU Threads - Number of CPU threads spawned by YafaRay. This number should be equal to the number of CPUs in your computer or 1 less than the number of CPUs if you find that using all the CPUs bogs down the computer too much.

Lighting Method

Lighting Method - Sets the lighting method used by YafaRay. Note that not all caustics methods are available with methods other than Photon Mapping. Ambient Occlusion is only availble when the lighting method is set as Direct Lighting.

Ray Depth - Number of light bounces to calculate for.

Photon Bounces - Number of photon (caustics) bounces to calculate for.

Path Samples - Number of samples to use when Pathtracing. This setting is only used by the Pathtracing lighting method.

Use Background - Check this box to use the Background as a light source. Doesn't work with Direct Lighting lighting method.

No Recursion - Turn off recursion for Pathtracing lighting method.


Caustic Method - Caustics type. Mainly for use with Pathtracing, but setting to Photons enables caustics with Direct Lighting method.

Photons - Number of photons to use.

Depth - Maximum number of scattering events for photon shooting.

Search - Maximum number of non-caustic photons to be filtered. (Photon Mapping only)

Mix - Maximum number of photons to be mixed for caustic calculation

Radius - Blur radius for photons.

Final Gather

Final Gather - Enable Final Gather (Photon Mapping only).

Samples - Number of samples to use for Final Gather.

Min Path Length - Spatial length below which the gather ray is extended to path. This should normally be equal to Caustics Radius setting.

Show Map - Directly show radiance map (disables final gathering step).

Bounces - Number of bounces to recurse the Final Gather.

Transparent Shadows

Transparent Shadows - Allow semi-transparent shadows. For use with alpha mapped textures.

Shadow Depth - Transparent shadow depth value.

Ambient Occlusion

Ambient Occlusion - Enable Ambient Occlusion. (Only for use with Direct Lighting.)

Samples - Number of samples to use for Ambient occlusion.

Distance - Blur radius.

AO Color - Color for Ambient Occlusion output. Useful for testing the AO effect.

Output - File name for TGA output. This is where the rendered result will be saved.

Render Button

Render - Exports XML file and spawns YafaRay render.

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