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YafaRay4tS is the result of several months of hard work by many members of the trueSpace scripting community. If you use YafaRay4tS please consider donating $5 or $10 to support this project.

Donations are used to maintain this website and support the continued development of YafaRay4tS.

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It's thanks to their hard work that the YafaRay render engine is what it is today. Join their forum and participate in the community there to help make YafaRay even better!


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YafaRay lights differ from trueSpace's built-in light objects so a set of lights has been created for YafaRay4tS to make it easy and intuitive to set up lights from within the trueSpace scene editing envirionment.

Light LibraryThe custom YafaRay specific light objects are available via a light library that is installed into the trueSpace main libraries when YafaRay4tS is installed.

Lights FlyoutAlso an icon flyout for easy access to the custom light objects has been added to the YafaRay4tS icon toolbar next to the YafaRay render and settings icons flyout.

All of the YafaRay light types are represented from within trueSpace. Each of the light objects has settings panels that will show up in the trueSpace's stack view panel tab, exposing the Yafaray specific light settings for easy editing.

Sphere Light panelWhile it is impossible to accurately represent YafaRay's photo realistic lighting from within trueSpace's realtime viewport, care was take to get as close an aproximation as was practical. For example the YafaRay4tS light objects include built-in scripting so that adjusting the YafaRay parameters for power and size will cause the amount of light generated in the realtime display to be updated as the values are changed.

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