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YafaRay4tS is the result of several months of hard work by many members of the trueSpace scripting community. If you use YafaRay4tS please consider donating $5 or $10 to support this project.

Donations are used to maintain this website and support the continued development of YafaRay4tS.

Also support the YafaRay Team:

It's thanks to their hard work that the YafaRay render engine is what it is today. Join their forum and participate in the community there to help make YafaRay even better!


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trueSpace can be downloaded for free at the Caligari website:


YafaRay4tS Main UI PanelWhile an icon interface is included with YafaRay4tS for convenience, most of the render settings work is done in the YafaRay4tS user interface panels.

The YafaRay4tS project has focused on implementing as much of the full YafaRay features set as is possible from within trueSpace. As can be seen, YafaRay4tS is well on the way to complete YafaRay support!

Much thought has gone into placing the YafaRay features and settings into logical groupings of panel elements to make the interface easier to use without sacrificing the full customizablity and power of the YafaRay render engine.

You can see more examples of the user interface panels in the Help section.

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