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YafaRay4tS is the result of several months of hard work by many members of the trueSpace scripting community. If you use YafaRay4tS please consider donating $5 or $10 to support this project.

Donations are used to maintain this website and support the continued development of YafaRay4tS.

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It's thanks to their hard work that the YafaRay render engine is what it is today. Join their forum and participate in the community there to help make YafaRay even better!


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Development Plans

The 0.7.0 release has added animation support, but while direct support for skinned meshes can now be implemented for the new 7.61 versions of trueSpace, this did not make the 0.7.0 release. So short term efforts will be to create a 7.61 specific release with skinning support. The hope is that fog issue can also be resolved for that upcomming release - tenatively expected to be 0.7.5.

After that, v0.8.0 will focus on the creation of a additional Node-based material system so that layered and blend materials as well as procedural textures can be implemented. (v0.8.0)

Version 0.9.0 will be a clean up version to implement anything overlooked before releasing v1.0. Possibly "original coordinates" and other procedural mapping techniques to better take advantage of dynamicaly produced meshes such as those imported by Jason Lechak's Blender FluidSim Importer.

Additional features we'd like to see added pending their implementation in YafaRay are Displacement Mapping, Normal Mapping, and Volumetrics.

There has been some discussion of moving the project to C++ and implementing a fully integrated trueSpace -> YafaRay plugin so that real-time preview and HDR export might also be implemented. This is a long term, version 2.0 goal and will greatly depend on the availability of developer time.

For more information about the developers and contributors to the project, see the contact page.