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Release Notes

YafaRay4tS version: 0.7.0

Thusrday, June 11, 2009

  • Animation support added for rendering sequential images.
  • Support for batch rendering image sequence added.
  • XML file delete after render option now works.
  • Missing registry keys should no longer crash the script.

YafaRay4tS version: 0.6.1

Saturday, May 5, 2009

  • Setup directories now handled correctly, and YafaRay4tS will guess YafaRay install location if not found at location specified.
  • Texture handling fixed. This fixes the mirror color texture bug for ShinyDiffuse material
  • TGA Viewer app added
  • Internal viewer panel added
  • Support for custom external viewer added.
  • Lights, Materials, setup objects moved into separate libraries.
  • Light objects changed to quadratic falloff and the export values adjusted accordingly.
  • Scripts added to Area and Sphere light objects to have size affect visual display brightness.
  • Gamma scripting for realtime texture display in materials now adjusts relative render target value.
  • Help file added.
  • Fixed a bug with Glass Material absorption toggle not working. Also added option for absorbtion dist. of 0.0 to set logarithmic absorption.

Yaf(a)Ray4tS version: 0.6.0

Saturday, February 14, 2009

  • Full geometry support with UV mapping
  • Support for all Yafaray light types.
  • HDRI, IBL, and background shader support
  • Photonmapping, Caustics, GI, and Final Gather
  • Fog
  • Multi threaded rendering
  • Mapped versions of the following Yafaray
  • Materials:
    • Glossy
    • Coated_Glossy
    • Shiny Diffuse
    • Glass
  • Rendering from View or Camera


  • This current version of Yaf(a)Ray4tS doesn't support Skinned (Actor/Skeleton) objects.
  • Fog currently is non-functional.
  • Animation is not supported.
  • Multiple materials on a single object are not supported at this time.